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Services By Appointment Only

Grooming Packages

Bath Package

Each bath is custom tailored to fit your individual pet's needs. We do not add any additional charges for special shampoos* and we stock a variety of veterinary prescription shampoos for our extra sensitive canine clients as well.

Each bath consists of a minimum of three shampoos before a deep conditioning treatment, blow drying and brush out. This package also includes trimming the hair on the feet when applicable. 

Our bath package includes:

  • ear hair pulled (if applicable)

  • ears cleaned

  • nail trim & buffing

  • anal gland expression

  • pads & sanitary area trimmed

Full Groom Package

Each dog will receive a custom tailored bath to accommodate their individual needs. It will include a minimum of three shampoos before deep conditioning treatment. The bath will be followed by a blow drying, brush out, and the haircut of your choice provided the pet(s) coat has been properly maintained.


** There is a $5 charge for flea & tick baths. You may request this service at any time and any pet found to have live fleas or an excessive number of ticks will be subject to a mandatory flea & tick bath in order to prevent our other clients from getting them.

The full groom package includes:

  • ear hair pulled (if applicable)

  • ears cleaned

  • nail trim & buffing

  • anal gland expression

  • pads & sanitary area trim

  • haircut

**We are happy to do the haircut of your choice provided that your dog's coat is in adequate condition to do so. Dematting fees do apply at a rate of $10/half hour of brushing after the initial 30 minutes that are included with the grooming package. If the matting is too severe we will discuss further options with the owner. Your pet's comfort is the #1 priority. Matting can be painful and occasionally detrimental to your pet's health. Sometimes shaving the pet down and starting over is the only option- we will always discuss options with the owner BEFORE proceeding with the groom.


Stand Alone Services

Anal Gland Expression - $10

Nail Trim & Buffing - $8

Ear Care - $10

ear hair pulled & ears cleaned

Ear Cleaning Only - $5


All quotes given via phone or email are just an estimate.


Please note that the price for all grooming services do vary by weight and coat type/condition. Please call 615-870-4790 for a quote. 

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to email me at

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